About me
Javier Guri (Madrid, España, 1963)


Artist  Statement


My journey alongside photography seeks to define moments of what I see and feel through an analytical and personal look of what surrounds me, trying to build parameters for understanding that allows me the possibility to have different readings of the various realities that I observe.
But beyond these specific moments, I am particularly interested in delving into the intimate and personal spaces that make up the individual essence and which therefore shape the social and cultural territories through which we transit.
A path involving never-ending learning, multidirectional communication, emotional discoveries and the rediscovery of myself.


As a sociologist, I have worked in different areas of public service related to childhood and adolescence, holding, among other roles, the role of head of the area of cultural protection and media of Madrid's Children’s’ Ombudsman as well as a collaborator and as a Sociology lecturer of postgraduate courses within the Faculty of Education at the Complutense University in Madrid.
I have been a judge of various competitions and awards of children's literature and film and have published various publications, articles and research in the field of childhood.
I trained at the International Centre of Photography and Film EFTI in Madrid, I see photography as a unique tool for social and cultural analysis, and therefore as a fundamental element in my sociological perspective.


1987 · Graduate of Sociology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain
2012 · Technical course in Photography. EFTI International Centre of Photography and Film. Madrid, Spain
Awards and mentions
  • PH 21 Gallery. Budapest. "Lines and curves". Selected for Exhibition. Catalogue. 
  • Black Box Gallery. Portland, Oregón. "Portrait: Photography 2016". Selected for On-line Annex Exhibition (Amy Arbus). Catalogue. 
  • Moscow International Foto Awards - MIFA 2015. Honourable Mention in the category Fine Art - Portrait, with the series "Transit". 
  • 1650 Gallery. Los Ángeles. “Splash”. Selected for Exhibition.
  • New York Center for Photographic Art. “Portraits 2014”. Selected for Exhibition (Ellen Denuto). Catalogue.
  • Zaragoza Royal Photography Society. “2014 Carmelo Tartón Portrait Award”. Selected for Exhibition. Catalogue.
  • EFTI International Centre of Photography and Film. Madrid. “XXV EFTI Photography Award”. Finalist.
Collective exhibitions
  • FeedingArt Gallery, Madrid. VI Edition of the multidisciplinary collective Exhibition "Una ventana a Malasaña", with the presentation of three works from the "Transit". From 18 March - 2 April, 2016.
  • PH21 Gallery, Budapest. "Lines and curves". From 17 March - 12 April, 2016.
  • 1650 Gallery & Studio. Los Ángeles. “Splash”. From 26 September - 24 October, 2015.
  • IAACC-Pablo Serrano Museum, Zaragoza. Aragon Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture. “2014 Carmelo Tartón Portrait Award”. Zaragoza Royal Photography Society. From 12 - 31 May, 2015.
  • New Century Artists Gallery, New York. “Portraits 2014”. New York Center for Photographic Art. From 7 - 18 April, 2015.
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